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Pure, brave and strong.
Fleur Lion is a Dutch singer/songwriter who makes experimental pop music with catchy melodies that varies in slow and up tempo.

“I want to tell my story, but also inspire people to make something beautiful out of their lives,” she says. “I used to get strength from music I listened to. It is very important when this strength and motivation is passed on."

The subject of strength and victory from a difficult time in her life is the main subject in her own music. Despite her vurnable side, she dares to speak out strongly about her personal experiences. Her songs are emotional but powerfull. She wants to let the listener know that they are not alone and that they possess their own strength.

She gives a big middle finger to the ones who didn't believe in her. Having lived with depression in her past, she has turned herself into a fighter. Rejection from others and finding your own way in today's society have inspired Fleur Lion to write her music.

Fleur Lion writes her own songs and carefully searches for sounds that makes her music specific.

Her first single 'I Already Am' is about her past of rejection. That you would not be good enough and that you do not fit into the right picture that people are looking for. From loneliness, pain and instinctive motivation she believes in her talent and her own abilities.

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